HEROMAN Episode #20

Today’s episode is somewhat related to kidnappings…

On this spot where a mysterious person kidnaps without warning! Oh, and Prof. Denton will be out for a while to investigate something.

Looks like it’s Holly’s turn to investigate… along with Joey and Psy. (Well, Holly wants to join the party… and oh, she can dress them as cute as possible!)

Of course, she’s good at talking to kids when Holly talks to a survivor. Poor kid, she wants her daddy back!

Anyway, they’re back on this spot again where they would find the kidnapper and bring it to justice! BTW, looking at this pic kinda resembles Will from way back into Ep. 17.

However, it doesn’t act like one… just yet! Maybe we’ll find out his identity on the next episode where he kidnaps Holly… Just hoping that guy is Nick!

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