K-On!! Episode #20

The time has come for the concert of Houkago Tea Time! With some friends and fans, and t-shirts made by Sawa-chan!

Oh, and this would be their last… for the seniors! Oh, Azu-nyan… she will be alone next school year.

Anyway, this is their highlight of their lives with everybody excited on the club’s performance! Although the first song called “Gohan wa Okazu” is awkwardly good despite its a food-themed song about rice (Sans the second song, which is the undying “Fuwa Fuwa Time”), the third song called “U and I” is definitely the most heartwarming and best song I have ever heard! (Say, where’s the other song where Mugi composes it?)

To top it all up, there are cameo appearances of Megumi Sokabe and Yui and Ui’s “unrevealed” parents.

Sadly, some things must go on as the seniors doesn’t want to end their time together as a band…

Man, this is the most heartwarming and b’awwwing part on this episode!

Even Yui is crying with her runny nose… *sniff* Everybody cries!!!

Of course, it’s not the end of K-On just yet. There’s still 6 episodes (plus 1 special episode on the last DVD) left on the second season, so there’s more time to adapt the remaining chapters since it will be ending soon once Vol. 4 is published on the 27th of September, 2010.

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