Strike Witches 2 Episode #07

So the 501st Joint Fighter Wing have installed a public bathhouse in order to relieve their stress make some skinship groping! And everything’s fine… until this little bugger came into the base. Consider this as a NSFW post!

BTW, how come there’s a Bugatti engine in Strike Witches?

That’s right! A Neuroi bug has infiltrated the base and causing havoc not only draining their power source and projected into this Neuroi, but striking panic on all the Witches… Stupid Lucchini, her bug has caused trouble on her teammates! And her “That’s my bug!” phrase is so irritating!

Good thing there Officer Minna, who unexpectedly “killed” the Neuroi bug by pulling her pantsu! Wow, I guess she earned her 200th kill… Good job!

Man, we’ll have to wait for the DVD version on this episode… Maybe not!

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