Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #08

Today’s episode is a serious one: Three pig terrorist have set up a challenge against the Otogi Bank… In a game of KINGS!!

This game is so dangerous, that whoever refuse to take the King’s orders would result in DEATH! Watch as the story unfolds…

Sorry, it’s a lie!!! It’s just a movie made by Ringo-chan.

Anyway, today’s episode is about a rich boy who wants a wife (as per tradition) once he reaches the age of twelve! Along with her butler, they search around the campus in order to find the perfect wife. But due to harsh remarks made by the butler, some of the girls were either broke into tears or pissed off completely!

Worst of all, Hammel points Momoko’s milled dumplings as saggy due to gravity or promoting DFC! (not everyone is amused) Yeah, that butler looks like a magnificent bastard, isn’t he?

“I think that dirty thoughts are bad!”

BTW, this episode is full of shout outs to some of the best known J.C.Staff works ever made! Heck, there’s even a shout-out to Mahoramatic when Otsuu-san (played by Ayako Kawasumi) says her famous catchphrase.

However, Hammel pointed out he did the insults just for the love of a childhood friend! At least do a request on finding that Zashiki-Warashi girl instead of finding a bride… Sheesh! But at least Chuutarou has found true love in the end! As for the girls, cake treat by Litsz-kun and Ryoushi-kun.

Oh, and to end this post and move on to the next episode (which is based on Snow White), here’s a service shot from Ringo’s movie! Man, at least put some yaoi on these three pigs…

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  1. Valence says:

    Butler is a magnificent bastard indeed.

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