Maid-sama! Episode #21

Anyway, this is Hinata Shintani. Formerly known as “Youkou-kun” due to his glutton appearance has finally returned in his hometown to find his first love. Oh, and that’s Misaki-chan he’s talking about!

Still, how come Misa-chan don’t admit that she loves Takumi-kun? Kanou-kun suspects that they have a relationship, but not wholefully… Are they gonna stay as strangers forever?

But come to think of it, they’re like a team.

Although her porridge from last episode is good, today’s cooking is awfully edible.

Just look how hard (Poor Hinata-kun…) those rice balls, they’re like shiny platinum balls…

At least Usui eats it!

There’s Hinata-kun, now officially a student of Seika High, who is being oriented by Misa-chan.

And damn, he’s still a glutton and good at identifying flavors!

Go figure… he becomes a crybaby all of a sudden!

Anyway, next episode goes on a field trip. Will Misaki choose her childhood friend… or Takumi-kun? Oh please, Misaki… You have to choose your boyfriend!

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