Highschool of the Dead Episode #08

Row, row, row your boat…

Oh please, Kohta. Don’t be a lolicon in HSotD, you’re a badass firearms expert!

Anyway, today’s episode (after the girls changes clothes!) goes on a pinch where the six survivor plus one child and dog are trapped by a swarm of zombies!

Nice idea, Komuro-kun… too bad you didn’t get a hit! It’s half win and half fail.

And when they’re run out of bullets, looks like they have no other choice but to surrender… or is it?

Not! I guess luck is on their side. Oh, and that firefighter is none other than Saya’s mother. (Hmm, where’s her dad?) Well, at least they’re safe! But for these two survivors who got separated again. (Why it has to be Komuro-kun?) This means more time for Saeko-san and Takashi-kun on the next episode.

BTW, upon looking my anime list on MAL, looks like Highschool of the Dead will be a 12 episode anime, which I don’t like it considering that there are more chapters to be animated. (or maybe there just skipping chapters or mashing it up in one episode)

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