Asobi ni Iku yo! Episode #07

Today’s episode, Erisu is now a student at a local highschool (no name given though…) where Kio, Manami, and Aoi studies. Oh, and add these three girls who have a bread on their mouth. (too much reading shoujo manga, eh?)

Still, they’re dangerous and- Oh, Kampfer cameos!

Anyway, they will have a summer camp by the film club… at the beach! Everyone has their swimsuits on, but I wish Erisu would wear this one instead! (And these swimsuits are for Erisu only.) Oh, and they have a barbecue too…

Oh, Aoi-chan… Not only she’s flat, but she’s treated as a fighter! (Stupid Kio-kun for not knowing her feelings…)

BTW, this episode introduces Ichika (voiced by Ayahi Takagaki), who has some connections from the Dogisians. (And Aoi-chan, too…) Oh, and those Dogisians have crashed the party! Damn those dogs!!! At least they retaliated and fend those attackers away.

With Ichika appeared, I guess it’s time to give some detail of why those Dogisians have settled first at Earth and for what reason they are here. And I hope that Kio-san would not be dense when it comes to love.

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