Amagami SS Episode #09

This is Sae Nakata (voiced by Hiromi Konno, known as Akira Kogami in Lucky Star), a 1st year student who likes cute things…

…has big breasts for a freshman, and our guest narrator for this arc is none other than… Mr. Jouji Nakata!

Oh, Miya-chan… You’re such as pervert for groping Sae’s boobies!

BTW, Sae-chan plans to have a part-time job after seeing Kaoru-chan in a uniform. (Man, it’s been a week since seeing her in the previous arc.)

Hey, at least Junichi-kun has a share of perverted moment, from stomach touching to removing his pants! Oh, and since he lost in a game of rock-paper-scissors, he has to carry Sae-chan while she chants “glamorous body”. (Yeah, he’s so lucky to being pressed by her chest at his back!)

Anyway, I hope this arc can top the previous two arc! (and more bodypart kissing!!!)

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