Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #09

If I remember correctly, this episode is based on Snow White, except that there’s no witch and her apple nor prince charming in sight.

Instead, we have Shirayuki and her seven little siblings. Oh, and this involves Ringo-chan and her past.

Oh, and about Ringo’s past, it happens that Shirayuki-san is her half-sister who was kicked out along with her mother away by Ringo-chan’s mother, after Ringo-chan’s new father filed a divorce on Shirayuki’s mother. I don’t know what happened to Shirayuki’s mother, but damn those parents! Bad Ringo parents…

And so, the Otogi Bank has decided to invite Shirayuki and her seven siblings to a pool in order to make her happy!

As for her job, she’s temporary replaced by Momoko-chan! And they’re having fun already aside from their swimwear.

Until there’s an event where Shirayuki drowned after saving her little brother.

Good thing Ringo-chan is here to give her CPR in order to live.

At least they finally have a talk for a long time… and it’s so heartwarming!

To end thing off, Ringo-chan decides to give her sister Shirayuki one wish (after all, the chairman is the genie in the lamp), which is give her a scholarship so that she can continue her studies. At least it’s the best wish Ringo have to give for her sister!

Another story: Ryouko-chan is having a dream with a manly Ryoushi-kun…

…guess what happens next!

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