Highschool of the Dead Episode #09

I’ve mention from my last post that this is a Takashi x Saeko episode.

Oh, and expect some backstory reveals and making a girl feel wet!

And now, the backstory of Saeko-san, who she has a tendency to become a sadist by beating up people even in self-defense! Oh, and she and Takashi-kun has some quality time together.

Now for the “making a girl wet” part, and I mean… Takashi did it for us to see!

Hmm, I wonder if Takashi’s motivation speech along with groping to Saeko-san can boost her morale and go berserk against the enemy? Well, it did… and it’s spectacular! (And getting wet in the process…)

At least they made it safely to Takagi’s mansion! But I wonder if the did their quality time because Saeko-san said that Takashi must take responsibility? Nah, let’s move along ’cause I doubt that the staff (or the author) could not explain that!

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