Mitsudomoe Episode #09

Okay, so I lied about “Yabecchi-sensei is out!” on this episode.

And he appears in two segments. One in his room, another is getting his pants pulled down as seen above.

Santa Hitoha (since their daddy is sick) giving Futaba a boobie pillow. How nice! But then again, her face is bloody scary.

Hmm, runaway panties… Yum! Too bad she lost it and landed into an offering box.

Making a personal onsen is a good idea! But the problem is… the can has both holes. Time to settle in the bathtub instead. Hmm, I guess some segments were good.

But nobody can topple this segment! It’s called “ice rink bowling” with Futaba as the ball. And wow, Shinya can kick so hard that she’s flying into the air! And this needs some “Blue Danube” to heighten up the moment…

Gee, I bet those three girls are jealous right now! Anyway, that’s it for Episode 9.

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