K-On!! Episode #22

It’s a snowy Valentine’s Day in K-On! And as for the seniors, it’s their month for their entrance exam at a women’s university.

Just hoping that these two can pass the exam!

Anyway, Azusa-chan is doing her best to make a chocolate cake for her sempai at the Light Music Club.

Just hoping that the seniors would not mistake it for a bomb. But at least she gave it to her sempai!

And damn, at least they could stay like this forever…

Oh right, if any indication that these 4 seniors could pass the exam and stay together as college students? Well, they did! Congratulations to Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi! Just hoping they (along with Azusa) can make a band after graduation and make it big by having a gig at Budokan. (If only they could remember that!)

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