Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #10

So it seems that someone is making Otogi Bank a bad name after this article. So what they gonna do? Have a 30% sale on requests with every Otogi Bank member doing boring tasks!

Oh, and it seems that we have a new character for today. His name is Saburou Nekomiya, and he’s here to train Ryoushi-kun so that he can face anyone like a man!

Wait, I remember you, you’re Reiko-chan from Episode 5! Don’t tell me that you’re gonna backstab Ryouko-san and Ringo-chan? And heck, she said that she got dumped by that baaad shephard!

Unfortunately, I was right. Reiko-san backstabs Ryouko-san with a taser! With Otogi Bank falling apart due to missing members (Dammit, what the hell are you doing, Ryoushi-kun?), it seems that this could be the biggest battle yet… with two episodes left!

Damn you, Onigashima High!!!

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