Amagami SS Episode #10

On this episode, Sae is on training… To overcome her shyness and become suitable for job as a waitress! But if only she could speak on a real person than on a vending machine.

Speaking of training, looks like it’s been a long time (Well, I’ve seen her even on the previous arc.) to see Lovely Haruka for a while!

Even more training that involves quick changing. From P.E. Uniform to bloomer-type… to a swimsuit! And Miya-chan saw her brother doing perverted things… Ouch!

Wait, there’s more training in the hot springs where Junichi interviews Sae at the footbath. And damn, she’s moaning like she’s having a vibrator! (Well, let’s substitute it for fish.) Oh, and Junichi passed out as a result of her erotic voice…

It’s great to play “Monopoly” after venturing in the hot springs. Oh, and since it’s late, Sae decides to stay for the night in Junichi’s home. Once more, there’s groping by Miya-chan! Nishishishi~!

Anyway, with 2 episodes to go on the Sae Nakata arc, I’m just hoping that she could confess to Junichi that she love him and not treating her as a sibling.

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