HEROMAN Episode #22

Short story, it’s all about Holly angst and a warning from Will!

But first, let’s start with Will’s warning to Lina, saying that she must not involve with Joey and his friends. But of course, Lina is worried about his brother. So she ran away from home, finding her brother…

Now for Holly’s problem. The reason why she hates her father is because Holly made a promise to daddy Brian that he’ll come back from work. But, he can’t due to an accident for which he saved everyone but himself.

Good thing Brian has a momento, reminding that Holly is the reason why he wakes up in the morning. Cue crying time!

Anyway, Joey finds Lina. But this episode ends in a cliffhanger when she received a call from Professor Denton. Could it be Will again? Find out!

PS: I was wondering if this could be a new sign of Heroman’s new power?

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