Maid-sama! Episode #23

This is Misaki… in a visual kei costume! Originally, she has to win in a sweets eating contest so she could save Erika from this maniac! (For those who don’t know, Erika-san is the red-haired maid with a ponytail)

However, she lost in the final round by none other than Hinata-kun! (Don’t worry, that maniac is out…) And who he’ll date… Misa-chan! But will she hide it from her childhood friend?

Man, I didn’t know that Usui is the one who created these sweets from Maid Latte. After all, he’s good at everything! Also a good teaser too…

And here’s the day that Hinata will have a date with Misa-chan the Maid. Just hope that she could put some mask to hide her identity…

Oh yeah, about Hinata-kun… He’s just like Misaki, making ends meet at a gas station. (Hence the uniform.) He’s a liar other than fat in the past. But today, he’s a changed man after his parents died and can’t hold back his tears because of it. So, will Misaki put some disguise to fool Hinata-kun?

Nope, she can’t, because he’s a honest person. And Takumi in his manager outfit is still berating Hinata as a third-rate idiot!

Anyway, looks like their rivalry is heating up! Comparing their battle aura, Hinata-kun is the underdog against Usui-kun! Maybe in Ep. 25 would be their climax between them… (Not in homoerotic terms, BTW.)

Oh, Black Honoka… she’s full of lulz today!

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