Asobi ni Iku yo! Episode #09

BTW, every time I see A&W restaurants in “Asobi ni Iku yo!” with all the food and merchandise, I kinda miss A&W in the Philippines since it was closed down along with my other favorite fast food restaurant Carl’s Jr.

But I’m not gonna talk about foods here, there’s a guest character on this episode!

This is Lawry (voiced by Minori Chihara), the first Assistroid who look more like an android than the current version.

This worries Erisu-chan, who has some history between the Assistroids and her Catian ancestors for which they almost went to war.

Oh, and since this is her first visit to Earth, it should be noted that it maybe her last due to her body not being repaired and she’s on the brink shutting down. So before she leave, she sings a song from an anime called Captain Future. This counts as a ending on this episode.

But why Captain Future, perhaps? It’s because this anime is referencing old sci-fi works from Star Trek to Captain Future. As noted by Ichika, Captain Future was a creation by Edmond Hamilton and Mort Weisinger in 1939.

Anyway, just 3 episodes on this series… Man, I wish Ichika would have a prominent role instead of appearing in several occasions!

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