Highschool of the Dead Episode #10

This pic… somehow looking at it, makes me think that “I’m getting wet!” (Stupid meme…)

Anyway, the main six plus a loli and their dog are staying at the Takagi mansion, full of manly bodyguards (actual supporters) led by an “uyoku dantai” politician named Souichiro Takagi, Saya’s father who believes that brave men and women must have the power to defend their country against threats… by using swords and spears! (Or guns if they have the know-how.)

Of course, the main six has problems of their own: Saya’s relationship with her parents and “uyoku dantai” members sidelining them by confiscating their weapons, which Kohta Hirano doesn’t want his guns to be in the hands of these members. BTW, this involves angst!

However, with a little convincing to Souichiro Takagi, the main six have managed to carry on to fight against “them”. Yeah, they tell ’em who’s badass!

Meanwhile, looks like somebody is spying on the main six and report it to Shidou-sensei, who turned his supporters into orgy addicts which I’ll will not show it to you because there’s no bare T&As and only stills are in place! Oh, MADHOUSE… I am disappoint! Oh, and he’ll just screw them off until they’re left for dead… (Oh, references…)

Anyway, since there’s two episodes to go, looks like “Highschool of the Dead” will be ending when they escape from the Takagi mansion. Gee, I wonder why MADHOUSE didn’t include the mall chapter and the subsequent chapters? Maybe the authors are lazy right now!

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