Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episodes #08 – #10

Since it’s the 2nd Stage of the Sekirei Plan, all those who don’t have a win will be eliminated by force. Some are planning to escape, while others go for a desperate plan to win a single game. Most of them end up as losers anyway…

In Uzume’s case, it’s do or die whether she could win in order to stay with Chiho or not! To make this much worse, Chiho is a hostage to Izumi Higa from the eastern portion of the capital.

BTW, here’s the reason why Miya has the “Hannya” expression… And that’s the reason why she love Takehito-kun so much!

It looks like Chiho-chan has made another friend. Of course, her friend is on the enemy’s side. (referring to Minato’s group)

Anyway, Uzume challenged Musubi in a duel, and both are evenly matched! However, they were attacked by Higa’s reinforcements. Good thing there’s Homura and Tsukiumi to fend them off, except for saving Uzume-chan who sacrifice her life to save Musubi. I guess we will miss Uzume-chan… I’m sure Minato-kun will do something to save Chiho from Higa’s clutches.

Don’t worry, there’s Matsu-tan doing the hacking to put Higa’s stocks down to nil. However, he has some backup plan!

And here’s Higa in the flesh, bringing flowers to Chiho as a “take care” gift. Nah, he’ll just overlook her welfare because Higa is more sinister than… let’s say, Mikogami, who’s now reduced to a homo butt monkey! Man, where’s your ambition, Mikogami?

Anyway, looks like Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ would end with 2 episodes… or maybe Seven Arcs would extend it to 24 episodes, which it would deviate once again from the manga if they adapt some chapters in a faster pace and make an original ending in the anime series. On another note, it seems that Uzume being separated from Chiho is the most tear-jerking event since Musubi’s near-death experience in Season 1.

PS: Mud wrestling in Sekirei is an epic win for me!

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