Strike Witches 2 Episode #10

Oh, Mio… you making me impressed with your sword skills that can cut a sea just like how Moses did with the Red Sea!

But enough for that, it’s time to introduce a character!

This is Hanna-Justina Marseille (voiced by Shizuka Itou), the Star of Africa (noted for being the ace in the Africa campaign) who doesn’t like autographs because she’s too cool to admire and handle! Well, except for Gertrud Barkhorn…

Anyway, the reason why she’s here is because of this mission, which requires two of the best aces in order to destroy a Neuroi fortress from the inside. (via a prototype submarine that can carry airplanes without detection) Originally, Marseille has to paired up with Barkhorn. But due to their animosity towards each other, Erica Hartmann has volunteered to be Hanna’s partner, much of the relief to the Star of Africa. Oh, and they paired up pretty good too!

In addition to her ace status, she likes winning everything. (Except for the breast size category)

Now on to the mission, the two aces curb-stomped everything… until they decided to engage in a duel for which they end up in a draw!

Despite her arrogance, she has a softer side when she gives an autograph to Gertrud’s sister. But it seems that this would be her only appearance in Strike Witches 2 with 2 episode to go!

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