Amagami SS Episode #11

And now… more training from Sae-chan. For which she’s practicing her voice for her part-time job!

Oh, and I almost saw her pantsu…

BTW, since I know about the meaning of Sae’s phrase of “I don’t want to be your little sister!” that she means that Sae wants Junichi as a couple. But Haruka’s suggestions to Junichi that she wants a older sister or a mom is a bit confusing…

Anyway, she passed the job exam and now working at the maid cafe! Although Sae-chan looks good in her uniform…

…I think Kaoru in a maid uniform is kinda look good on her.

Finally, Sae-chan invites Junichi on an amusement park where they have fun riding the attractions. Kinda wonder that Junichi can’t ride the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel due to being acrophobic.

BTW, Sae is a tokusatsu fan… but I guess she got dragged into their “performance”. Mmmm… tentacle rape!

For some reason, I think they look like a couple already… But I have to confirm it on the last episode of the Sae Nakata arc, where they would participate on the Best Couple contest at the school festival. And I hope they would level up from their “sempai-kouhai” relationship.

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