Shukufuku no Campanella Episode #11

It’s the penultimate episode where Minette-chan agrees to give her core to Miriam in order to save her.

But the question is… when? Also, it seems that the “green beam pillar” that the Tortilla sisters saw has something to do with the “Heaven’s Waterwheel”. Let’s find out!

Meanwhile, Leicester and Carina are rushing to Miriam’s mansion in search of Minette-chan.

Of course, both of them will have to deal with Aberdeen and Avril, respectively. They both end up in a draw, though. Take note however, is that Aberdeen and Avril have Combat Artifacts on their arsenal.

So how to make them work together? By the power of their friendship by Miriam and Minette-chan! Well, that sums up… I thought this would end up in a bloodbath.

So what they gonna do now? Find and do something with the “Heaven’s Waterwheel” so both Miriam and Minette-chan are saved! Just hoping that Agnes’ Maitresse is not the final boss…

Oh, and both Leicester’s parents and the Tortilla sisters are counting on them! (Hmm, where’s the maid?)

Anyways, the final episode is next… cue the title of the show!

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