K-On!! Episode #24

And now will we all been waiting for… The Graduation Episode!!!

Cue some b’awwwing!!! (Just save it for the second half.)

Now I know that the seniors will be graduating, but the problem now is Azusa… who will be alone next school year.

Yup, they’re ready for their send-off from high school life… Getting sad now!

Oh, they (along with Sawa-chan’s students) also planning to give their adviser a thank-you gift. No wonder Sawako-sensei is getting suspicious on Yui-chan!

But at least they give it to their adviser… after getting their diplomas.

Speaking of thank-you gifts, Azunyan says that she doesn’t want her band members to graduate. But it’s too late… Now I feel like b’awwwing!!!

Yet, she received some mementos to remember.

Oh, and before ending the main story, how about a heartwarming song about angels and friends (Hurry, before it’s gone!) from the seniors…

It’ll sure make Azunyan cry more.. remembering all the memories together at the club!

And that’s how K-On! ends… Of course, there’s a bit of differences of the ending between the manga and the anime itself. (And I’m a bit lazy on reading it! Actually, I read the final chapter…) But at least it ended in a heartwarming note! Just hoping that Azunyan fans will not be committing suicide when they learned that she’ll be depressed in her senior year… but I think Kakifly will not do that!

Oh, and there’s two episodes (plus one DVD-only episode next year) to go before wrapping up the TBS broadcast of K-On!!

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