Amagami SS Episode #12

And now… the final episode of the Sae Nakata arc!!!

Spoilers: No body-kissing this time around… Aww~!

Anyway, Sae-chan and Junichi-kun are planning for the “Best Couple” competition. And it’s gonna be fierce starting with Haruka-Hibiki couple! (What, girls-couple? That’s gotta be potential for yuri doujins…)

Not so much for Umehara-kun…

And here’s Sae-chan and Junichi-kun in a wedding outfit… They look so beautiful! Too bad they become runner-ups to Haruka-san and Hibiki-san. But who cares, they won two tickets to see a movie… in a private room!

Still, they’re just too shy for them to get closer… even at the movies!

But don’t worry, Junichi will take the initiative thanks to this guy (who happens to be the director of the movie they’re watching) played by motherfucking Michael Rivas of Angel Beats! fame.

Dammit, looking at Sae-chan in a frilly dress is giving me moe heart attacks! “Glamorous Body!!!”

He’s gonna confess and kiss now… He’s gonna confess and kiss now! Yes, he did it!!! He died for excessive moe!!!

And now the arc ends when Junichi and Sae are now lovers. I guess this arc is… Hmm, this arc is great! Of course, there are a few moments that she’s being the target of light harassment such being groped by Miya, tickled by a fish, and got tentacle raped. But in the end, she’s fine and grown her sempai-kouhai relationship into a couple!

I guess it’s fair to say that Sae Nakata arc has up the ante from previous arcs, although your mileage may vary if the lemony narrator is necessary in the arc. (Well, the Haruka arc is pretty easy. And the Kaoru arc fairs better but it cut short, leaving only the question whether she have sex or not.)

Hmm, the epilouge… pretty much got a heart attack with Sae and Miya in “kigurumi” costumes while Junichi plays as the director. HHHNNNGGG!!!

Next episode starts a new arc, it’s the Ai Nanasaki arc!

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  1. Fidelis says:

    “And the Kaoru arc fairs better but it cut short, leaving only the question whether she have sex or not.)”

    In the game they do, but then apparently the story there is set over a longer period of time, so I can understand why they changed it or perhaps left it open.

    More importantly, she doesn’t have a proper “next morning” scene where they ride his bike again and probably an epilogue where they meet her parents because the producers ran out of time and because broadcasting law deemed the bike footage “too dangerous” for TV. Way to go. But these missing scenes, and possibly some others, will be reinstated in the DVD.

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