Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #12

Okay, so let’s deal with the final episode… starting with a new character named Machiko Himura (played by Satomi Satou, with her Ritsu-vibe voice), a hardworking girl who has a debt problem when her father ran away with her hard-earned money and she’s being targeted by “real” loan sharks!

So, what she’ll do… Plan a marriage (by doing the “late for school” trick) with Ryoushi-kun! But will it work? Also, my final say on this series.

Nah, her plan foiled… But at least she’s saved by the Otogi Bank, courtesy of Ryoushi-Ryouko duo plus Ringo-chan… doing her innocence thing.

Oh, and she’s admitted into the Okashisou apartment. Thanks, Otogi Bank!

Ryoushi-kun… now that’s a confession!

Well, that’s the end of Ookami-san anime. It was a fun watch with all the characters and their fairy tale adventure… if not for BAAAD Hitsujikai and his Onigashima High Army! (For which I still don’t know, or any backstory, why this guy wants to screw Ryouko badly.) Of course, this anime covers the first 5-6 novels. Maybe there are some stories that are skipped altogether, but I guess these stories along with the upcoming adaptations of later volumes would be the basis of Season 2. (Just hope that JCStaff would do another season…)

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