Shukufuku no Campanella Episode #12

Our time has come to witness the final episode! Our heroes must scale up to the tower and fix the ancient artifact called “Heaven’s Waterwheel”. Of course, they must go past those “cute crystal monsters” in order to- Wait, the Tortilla sisters and the Chelsea’s knight friends will take care of it!

Oh Tortilla sisters, I will miss you… But at least their golem can kick ass!

So does Nagan and Fabious… Man, their fathers (both Leicester and Carina, respectively) can kick some ass on those cuties…

Meanwhile, Leicester’s party (sans Aberdeen, Avril, Nick, and Garnet because they’re busy fighting) are now on the top of the tower where the “Heaven’s Waterwheel” located. However, the “Heaven’s Waterwheel” is now in the hands of Agnes’ Maitresse (also her mother) who acts as a medium that controls the flow of Eru.

And since the artifact is so ancient, repairing it would be difficult. (more like a jigsaw puzzle) And thus, Leicester and Minette have decided to repair the “Heaven’s Waterwheel” with Leicester’s knowledge and Minette’s power of friends! And yes, friendship pays off…

Yup, Minette shows to Lady Altworth about love and friendship before the Maitresse frees herself from the “Heaven’s Waterwheel”.

Anyway, looks like “Shukufuku no Campanella” ends it in a higher note with everyone lived happily ever after. Although it came from an eroge, AIC takes it on another route with sugary-moe and cute visuals plus fanservice that makes every viewer go “d’awww!”

Of course, some viewers would felt that the story is a bit bland and condensed, but who cares about length nor seriousness. It’s all about moe, a bit of fanservice, and happiness of the show that counts.

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