Asobi ni Iku yo! Episode #11

In this dire situation when Captain Kuune is knockdown, there is only one thing to do…

Make Kio-kun as the captain!

Oh, and Antonia and her maid crew will help them by finding a rocket and combine it with Rulos’ core!

(What, a core that looks like a old 50’s robot? No way!)

BTW, if Ichika is an Orsonian, she might be a bit angry now over reverse-engineering her time freezing seal by the Dogisian. If she does however, she would wipe one’s ability to think! (like Jens for example) No wonder why Orsonians are strict over contacts with other races…

Anyway, the gang have found a rocket to build… in Russia since no other countries would help them. (Dammit, Jens and Madley!!!)

Oh, and about Mr. Yuuichi and Ms. Itokazu… They stayed at the embassy as decoys!

Oh, and Aoi is angry for not only Manami being a nosy brat into her affairs, but she gives a slap and a lecture (to Manami) that she loves Kio-kun! Yeah, take that tsundere Manami-chan!

Speaking of which, this guy from episode one has returned. And not only that, but he took Kio-kun as hostage! But of course, it’s a piece of cake by Aoi-chan. However, they must hurry before the NATO troops seize the base.

Luckily, there’s a bunch of tanks at their disposal to fend them off!

And with their rocket ship complete, it’s time to make Kio’s crew become “big damn heroes” on the last episode! Oh, and Jens and Madley are waiting to hunt them down once and for all…

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