Maid-sama! Episode #25

Oh, Hinata… Is he still in love with his childhood friend? Even though he has a bunch of fangirls squealing around in his middle school years (as a baseball player), Hinata will always remember Misa-chan…

BTW, it’s fortune-telling day at Maid Latte! Somehow, the three stooges of Seika High got a bad luck on getting a photo with Misa-chan. But when it’s Hinata’s turn, he got some optimism for which Shintani-kun has a chance to have a relationship with his childhood friend.

(Note: Erika is so fitting as a medium…)

Now let’s try Usui’s fortune… Unfortunately, he will have a bad relationship with Misa-chan.

No wonder why he’s upset due to incompatibility with Misaki!

Since Hinata is so confident in his fortune, he helps Misaki on cleaning the hallway.

Sadly, it didn’t work out when he suggested to use the water hose…

Aww, Usui to the rescue… Looks like Shintani-kun loses! “Arf!”

Anyway, the girls are attending Yumesaki High’s school festival to see the UxMishi concert.

Oh, and about Kuuga-kun… He changed a lot ever since! But I’m not convinced just yet.

As for what will happen to their relationship between Misaki and Takumi, let’s just see if they’re officially a couple on the last episode of Maid-sama!

PS: Oh, Hinata… just give up already on your dreams for Misa-chan.

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4 Responses to Maid-sama! Episode #25

  1. Agnes says:

    Heyy.. i wonder do you know about the last ep and there’s uxmishi singing 3 songs. and there’s a line “let the flowers bloom”
    I wondering whats the title

  2. Skye says:

    UxMishi : Usui as in the U and Mishi as in Misaki. AKA. UsuixMisaki.
    Ux Mishi songs:
    Yume no Hana
    Natsu Koi Monogatari
    Help this helps!

  3. weee… i love usui in maid sama…

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