HEROMAN Episode #25

The penultimate episode of Heroman is here… Our main heroes must face the newly-revived Lord Kogorr!

However, those steel balls (What, it melts!?) from earlier episodes becomes Kogorr’s source for a devastating upgrade. And not only that, he devours everything!!! How will Joey and Heroman deal with this monstrosity?

Speaking of the final battle, Prof. Denton (he joins with Psy, Holly, and Lina) hatches a plan which involves making lightning storms (from bombing the sky) and the newly-refurbished MR-1.

This plan executes it by using MR-1 as a electric field generator for which Heroman uses MR-1’s field to charge its energy.

Looks like Joey founds Will. Still injured after been attacked and tortured by the Skruggs, he has some strength left to join forces with Joey and Heroman and fight Kogorr! But I wonder who attacked Will in the first place?

With Heroman jettisoned the armor, this white giant deals the final blow on Lord Kogorr! It seems that the world is finally saved. However…

Lord Kogorr suddenly attacks Heroman out of nowhere and quickly “killed” the big white hero! Dammit, Kogorr!!!

Will Prof. Denton makes it in time to revive Heroman? Let’s find out on the final episode!!!

PS: BONES have made it so awesome till the end!!!

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