Highschool of the Dead Episode #12

Oh, Madhouse… please animate the shopping mall arc!

Anyway, Highschool of the Dead ends it with a bang! But I doubt that it end it with a whimper because some parts of the show (Ahem, Orgybus…) didn’t crank up to eleven. But at least, they did a great job of adapting it page to page!

So with their heroic sacrifice by Saya’s parents (Man, I salute them!), it seems that Komuro’s party escaped in one piece. Then again, it’s a pain in the ass on busting zombies! Now if only Madhouse would announce Season 2… Then again, if only the authors of HSotD would make haste (but not much haste) on making chapters!

PS: I pity you, Shizuka-sensei… No wonder the authors made you ditzy!

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