Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode #12

BTW, this episode has covered over a span of three months!

Oh, and congrats to “Triple Booking” for winning the new artist award.

Happy New Year!!! (Only in Seitokai Yakuindomo…) And what a lovely kimono for Aria.

Since it’s winter in Japan, getting a fever is no exception. Except for Yokoshima-sensei, which she lost her sexual appetite! Very worse… (What’s with that leek, Aria?)

Kotomi decided to ask Suzu-chan and become her tutor for the upcoming entrance exam in Ousai Academy. Just hoping that she learned everything!

It’s Valentine’s Day at Ousai Academy! Unfortunately, all girls there are lesbian so it’s no use.

No wonder that Kenji guy doesn’t have any chocolate except for Tsuda-kun.

And now, it’s entrance examination day for Kotomi. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember all the studies! But at least she does good at interviews. Guess who’s the teacher that interviews Kotomi? Yeah!!!

While we wait for the results, here’s Tsuda-kun holding Suzu-chan like a baby! Aww, isn’t that cute…

Well, it doesn’t for Suzu-chan!

Finally, the results for the entrance exam are in. And it seems that Kotomi has passed the exam! No wonder reality is cruel in Seitokai Yakuindomo…

Final episode will be on next Sunday. (And I’ll be watching that with subs after Sunday’s airing…)

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