Strike Witches 2 Episode #12

Without further ado, the final episode of Strike Witches Season 2… Where Major Sakamoto will try to pilot the Yamato and fire its main cannons!

Oh, and she made a promise to Minna that she will come back alive…

Now on to the main event where Mio uses her remaining magic power to fully gained control of the Neuroified Yamato and fire its main cannons to destroy the hive once and for all.

Looks like she did destroy the hive in Romanga. The world is safe again, Hurrah!

Or is it…

Looks like it’s not yet over. Not only that, but Major Sakamoto is held hostage and copies her shield powers for protection! It seems that any chance of destroying it is very nil… Except for one Strike Witch!

That’s right, it’s Yoshika-chan! Oh, and her comrades are back for another round of fighting…

Now, her only chance to destroy the Neuroi core is to get Reppumaru and finish ’em off by executing “Shin Reppuzan” on to the enemy.

Oh, and one thing to say: It was spectacular!

Now let’s go on to the final review before being saved by their comrades! (Because they lost their magic powers…)

When I first watched the first season of Strike Witches back in Summer of 2008, GONZO made it a fan-favorite to every otaku with its breathtaking scenes and a story that is not an excuse to us viewers. (You know, the Warlock incident that prompt the 501st Joint Fighter Wing to disband in Ep. 11 of Season 1.)

But once AIC took it over, it surpassed a bit on the quality side that it’s not distracting! Even though the story is not so epic as the last season, it brings us the cheery side of the story and it introduces some characters from the novel series like Ursula Hartmann and Hanna-Justina Marseille. Of course there are times that it has drama like Mio losing its powers, etc.

Nevertheless despite the fanservice (Although not so much…), Strike Witches 2 has fared better than its predecessor!

PS: One more thing, I just hope that there’s Season 3 or a spin-off which focuses on the 504th Joint Fighter Wing…

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