Amagami SS Episode #13

Ai-chan holding a black kitty is love!

And so, today’s episode is the beginning of Ai Nanasaki’s arc.

As you may know, Ai-chan (voiced by Yukana) is a hardworking student who is a member of the swimming team. She does volunteer work and can do household chores.

Of course, Junichi-kun met Ai-chan by accident during Christmas, and then at the park when she jumped from a swing. Ai-chan is a cold character who accuses him as a pervert early on, but she became more loving when Ai-chan befriend Junichi on this episode! Wow, that was fast…

Anyway, if my memory serves correctly, I predict that the next episode involves Nanasaki’s swimwear… (She’s wearing it underneath her uniform)

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2 Responses to Amagami SS Episode #13

  1. thesocratesofsnails says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Junuichi is more and more self confident in each successive iteration? I mean, in the first one, he was essentially a wreck with no hope of ever finding love, but by the time we got to Sae he was putting himself forward with a girl with essentially no anxiety at all right from the beginning.

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