K-On!! Episode #25

In our special episode… (Damn, Kyoani should do an after-story episode!) Mio-chan finds something very frightening!

Let’s find out…

Oh, it’s just a promotional video that Azu-nyan watched!

No wonder why Mio is so embarassed… (And Mio in a Nurse Uniform is so cute!)

Anyway, the Light Music Club are planning for another promotional video.

Although they’re planning for making it serious or suspense…

…they decided to make an “everyday life” video.

Also, they added in some testimonials and interviews for good measure! (Sorry, it’s full of girls shots, but you get the idea…)

But I’ve doubt that this girl kinda resembles someone from the Light Music Club.

Final broadcast of K-On!! is next week. And like this extra episode, it will take place between the main storyline! (And I only hope that Ep. 27 would be an after-story episode!)

PS: I wonder what Mio looks on wearing this costume!

Oh, and putting Azu-nyan at the end of their promotional video is a nice touch…

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