HEROMAN Episode #26

The final episode of Heroman is here, where the big guy got stabbed badly leaving Joey to fight alone!

Worst of all, Lord Kogorr plans to devour Earth and leaves the planet destroyed… This could be the end of the world as we know it!

However, Joey decides to sacrifice himself in order to be a true hero. (For which Lina and Holly didn’t want it to happen!)

Oh, and he remembers the time when he couldn’t save Lina “completely” from a dog. I guess it’s good bye to Joey…

Maybe not since Heroman was revived and stopped him from doing a heroic sacrifice!

Oh, and with the help of Joey’s friends by using the MR-1 as a generator…

…it seems that Joey and Heroman are back for real!

And a way to finish Kogorr off is using the power of the “O Spark” (Now that makes sense of that pose!) which fires a big effin’ laser that obliterates the Skrugg lord in an instant!

And so Heroman ends with a greater bang! No wonder it was fate for which Heroman chose Joey to become a hero…

I guess viewers who watched the early episodes of this series feels like a cliche storm full of shonen and superheroes traits. But they were wrong! In fact, it got better after the first arc where BONES pulled it into an amazing series that gives us in awe until the end. However, there are some mysteries that left hanging such as the fate of Will or even Nick.

Maybe BONES is secretly planning for a second season if DVD sales are good because…

Doctor Minami is back, and he’s planning for revenge! Dammit BONES and Mr. Stan Lee, do it for Season 2!

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