Asobi ni Iku yo! Episode #12

Final episode is here where our big damn heroes must go beyond the impossible… while Antonia’s crew (plus Assistdroids on tanks and a maid sniper) must destroy NATO troops in the tune of “Ride of the Valkyries”!

Oh, and will Manami (or even Aoi) finally confess to Kio about her feelings? Find out!

How about going the Tenchi Solution for now… In Space!!! The result: Having Kio get kissed from Aoi, Manami, and Erisu!

And now with Kio’s relationship resolved, it’s time for their big damn heroes moment… With SPACE LANCE!!! (Don’t forget Tekkaman Manami and Tekkaman Aoi) They have to stop Jens from destroying Catilus 5. Oh wait, it’s too late…

Meanwhile, it’s Kio’s turn to have his moment! Having survived from a big Dogisian robot, he’s now at the computer room where he must regain control of the spaceship. But it seems that he can’t cause Kio is not a Catian… How about using Captain Kuune’s bell to- Well, you’ll find out what happened after. Oh, and the ship has regained control in the process…

In honor of Tatsunoko, how about a Triple Catian Voltekka that sends Jens and Madlex out of commision! But I wonder what happened to them after crashing to their base? But anyways, looks like the world is saved, right? Nope…

Not only these two are out of commission, but their base does which it will crash down to earth! However, it seems that Aoi and Manami must push the base out of target at the cost of their lives. But who wants anyone to die when Erisu and Kio is here to save them! Now that’s what I called a “Big Damn Heroes” moment in Asobi ni Iku yo!

As Mr. Miyagi and Ms. Itokazu watched the meteor shower, a certain dog named Aura-chan appears! (Hmm, it looks like Jens… But I wonder if the Orsonians did it?)

Now, about what happened to Kio-kun? Well, he becomes a Catian! But at least Antonia approves it.

And what a way to end this series is to give a space elevator that looks like a Christmas tree! Oh sweet humanity, Catians. It’s the greatest Christmas gift ever… with snow!!!

Anyways, Asobi ni Iku yo! describes this ending and the whole series: Full of awesome with references and a bit of fanservice… Glad that this series is over!

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  1. Feed21 says:

    lol,so easy to get a space elevator… even in gundam 00,it takes a hundred years to build it up anyway…

    Aoi kiss is sooooo agressive though

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