Mitsudomoe Episode #13

It maybe the final episode of Mitsudomoe, but there’s more to come in Winter 2010. (or January 2011 for those who don’t know the Japanese fiscal year)

So it’s time for the highlights of this episode before we close this series… for now, at least.

How about a sickly Futaba-chan that looks like Hitoha… However, the next day reverses that as a sickly Hitoha looks like a different character!

Looks like the Marui triplets have found a stray cat to take care of… only to find out that it disappeared in which Hitoha was heartbroken. But at least, Daddy Soujirou got what they’re looking for!

Good thing they didn’t substitute for a Futaba cat.

Oh, and one thing… Never ever put your toys over a cat! (Why that Gachi Ranger toy can shoot its head?)

Wow, Yabecchi makes an appearance since… Man, I don’t know since he has little screen time.

Anyway, he is here for an interview with Daddy Soujirou. Of course, the Marui dad suspects poor Yabe-sensei of child molestation. Thus, Daddy Soujirou beat Yabecchi up! Poor Yabe-sensei…

Although it’s not worse than this in Yabecchi’s room!

Finally, how about winning a ticket to an amusement park! Although it contains two tickets, Mitsuba realized that it can accommodate up to four people…

That’s an epic fail, considering that they want the Marui family to go together!

Well, that’s about it for the first season of Mitsudomoe! For the second season, I might number it starting from Episode 13 which is the first episode.

More misunderstandings coming your way next winter!

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