Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episodes #11 – #13

It’s the final arc for this season! (And we have to wait for 1-2 years to get another season…)

So far, Higa Izumi is here not only sympathize Chiho, but to give her a temporary cure that will slow her degeneration disease. Of course, Higa suggested to Minato to visit the Capital Tower and get the latest technology to get a permanent cure to Chiho’s disease. However, I think that Higa has a motive there…

So without further ado, the final arc of Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~!

Wow, it’s rare to see that Minaka is very charitable today. He intives Minato and his Sekirei team to visit his Capital Tower… with a catch! Minato must go to the top within the time limit and to make it worse, Minaka invites some Ashikabis and their Sekirei to stop Minato’s team from going to the tower. Of course, it would be boring to cover the noob Ashikabi mob and this particular guy named Nishi Sanada (Maybe he will involve in Season 3) so let’s skip into the Capital Tower shall we?

Inside the Capital Tower, there are various obstacles they must face: The Disciplinary Squad and the tower’s traps, and the main computer room that also has traps. What will be worse for them, Minaka?

Although I would like to see Karasuba fight against Mutsu, Minaka pull the most dastardly trap of all. Self-destructing the tower like they’re on demolition duty! Dammit, why did you do that? (Don’t worry, Matsu takes care of stupid Minaka later as karma.)

BTW, why is Seo-san here? Well, he’s here for the MBI secret documents. And he’s hired by Higa Izumi! Dammit, I knew that this guy wants the location of the Jinki artifacts, for the upcoming Third Stage…

Speaking of Third Stage, Matsu discovers that Minaka planned it all along! Grrr…

Meanwhile, Minato and Musubi have successfully climbed the top of the tower. Although they managed to get the cure for Chiho, they have to escape the crumbling tower! Oh, and it leads to…

A final battle with Karasuba for this season! Of course, Musubi has a disadvantage over Karasuba. But hey, with the power of bonds, she manage to hit her rival… and break Karasuba’s katana in the process! Well, at least Minato’s Sekirei team doesn’t want both of them die at the hands of Karasuba.

With Chiho now walking and healthy once again, the epilogue takes a glimpse of the preparations for the upcoming Third Stage. Oh, and Higa got tricked by Matsu (with suggestions by Seo-san) by sending fake data. Good thing Seo did it for the lulz with his money in the pocket!

Of course we might wait 1-2 years for Season 3, Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ has gotten better just like Strike Witches 2. Just hope that Minato’s group could hold one of the Jinki artifact… Wait, Matsu has it! She did it for the lulz… maybe!

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