MM! Episode #01

Why hello there, XEBEC! Doesn’t this art style remind of Kanokon and Ladies vs Butlers?

Well, it does!!! Welcome to “MM!”, the anime that makes Jun Fukuyama as a masochist! His character named Tarou Sado (ironically..) paints it as the M-type.

BTW, this little blondie is Mio Isurugi (played by Aya-nyan), the president of the 2nd Voluteer Club. Take note that Aya-nyan sounded more like Aya Hirano. (You know her as Haruhi Suzumiya and recently, Katja from Seikon no Qwaser) Oh, and she’s doing it to “cure” Tarou-kun of his masochist tendancies.

This is Arashiko Yuuno, the one who caused Tarou’s masochistic tendancies since middle school. Maybe she has androphobia or something…

Oh, and about this girl who is Tarou’s first crush? Well, it’s a trap! Particularly, Tarou’s best friend named Tatsukichi Hayama (Rina Satou can pull a sadistic aura, BTW.) who is cute when dressed as a female. I guess his life is screwed now!

Anyways, let’s expect more fanservice since it’s been aired in AT-X!

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