Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Episode #01

Guess what Ikaros and Nymph saw. Morning wood, perhaps?

Anyways, it’s time for “Sora no Otoshimono: Forte” with OP by Souichiro Hoshi! (It will be replaced at Ep. 2)

And what will be a great start to this series is by venturing dreams using the Dive Game! Originally, its destination would be Tomoki’s dream. However…

Things gone wrong when they were into Sugata’s dream… After all, it was his dream of exploring the New World.

Then Mikako’s dream… I guess her dream is so violent that she kills everybody with blood!

Finally, Sohara’s dream! Looks like she’s the covert pervert type, especially when Sohara’s gone gaga over Tomo-chan.

With little tweaking from Nymph, they finally arrived at a “supposed” dream of Tomoki. Of course, it doesn’t resembled Tomoki’s description, it somehow related to Sugata on the monolith thing.

However, he has to run away because of the appearance of the 3rd Angeloid. But anyways, next episode will deal with Astraea’s attempt to eliminate Tomoki… Just hope that she fumbles her job!

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