MM! Episode #02

More MM! coming your way starting with a Tarou Stew, with all the masochistic flavors oozing out!

Anyway, this episode involves Yuuno-chan and her androphobia, for who she got it when she almost raped by her boyfriend named Yoshioka since middle school. (What a bastard that he punched Yuuno-chan!) And that’s why she slap Tarou-kun at the face and started his masochistic tendencies.

Does it remind of Jun Fukuyama’s previous role when his character has an androphobic co-worker? Why yes it is! But don’t worry, they doing the best they can to cure their disorders, even if they’re alone at the park.

BTW, since Tatsukichi is so beautiful, he(she) becomes the epic “ojou-sama”, flaunting her elegance and looking down on everyone including Mio-chan and her flat rack! (Then she stomp the trap afterwards…)

Oh, and we got a new character today named Yumi Mamiya. (played by Yuko Gibu) But we’ll see what she’ll do on the next episode! (And I hope that Tarou-kun can punch Yoshioka in the face!)

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