Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Episode #02

This is Tomoki, he’s now at a Zen Buddhist temple to train himself so that he will eliminate his pervert tendencies (like having a boner) and become a saintly young man! However…

Astraea appeared out of nowhere, and she’s now gonna eliminate Tomoki for violating the Synapse’s rules.

Fortunately, Astraea is a bit of a klutz so it’s not a threat for Tomo-chan. Still, she has the same power as Ikaros so it’s very dangerous to confront Astraea even she has a low IQ.

Anyway, back to Tomoki’s training! But it seems that he’s still want to see his porn stash one last time. Too bad that he ordered Ikaros to destroy it for good… Damn, will he give up on being a pervert?

I guess he’s not definitely, as Tomoki got distracted by the erotic book of Astraea. Guess he got “chopped” in half by Sohara again! Yeah, he should give up on his training and succumb to his earthly desires…

Yup, he should surrender and become the “enlightened one” of the pervert, starting from the Demon World, Bug World, Animal World, and Asura World! Then it’s all the way up from the Human World to the God World, where he’s now reached “perverted enlightenment”.

And what will be best if they have a porn book festival on the way! Well, I guess he’s better off being a pervert than a saintly young man. Anyway, that is for Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Ep. 2! But I guess I would want to know about what Astraea said after being saved by Sugata-kun…

PS: No matter how many years that Nymph will take, she still has the same flat chest!

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