Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #02

This is one of Kirino’s normal friends… They don’t talk anime nor eroge, and they look down on otakus.

It would be sucked when they find out Kirino’s secret hobbies!

Anyways, Kyousuke suggested to Kirino to go Akihabara for a IRL meeting! There, she would make friends with fellow otakus…

Oh, and it will be held on a maid cafe! Man, Kyousuke-kun felt out of place…

Well, maybe not! These girls talk about Yaoi and stuff, unlike Kirino who loves little sisters.

I guess she’s also out of place against a swarm of fujoshis!

Luckily, Kirino made two friends after the meeting like this bespectacled girl is Saori Makashima (played by Hitomi Nabatame).

Known as “Saori Bajeena”, she’s the leader of the meeting who looks like a typical otaku and speaks like a samurai.

The other one is this black goth-loli girl named Ruri Gokou or “Kuroneko” (played by Kana Hanazawa), a girl who loves gothic girls compared to Kirino’s love of magical girls.

Sounds like a rivalry to me!

See, they don’t like seeing their respective anime series getting bad-mouthed. Calm down, it’s just an ani- Wait, anime is serious business!

Anyway, that’s all the travel at Akihabara! Let’s look forward for the next episode…

And by the way, looks like Kyousuke’s “life counseling” is finished by clearing the Shiori route! I hope he doesn’t play more.

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