Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Episode #01

Chiaki Omigawa as the half-assed maid Hotori Arashiyama

Oh, SHAFT… Where’s the acid-trip on this thing?

Anyway, the story takes place at a maid cafe. Except that it’s not the traditional one that you usually see in Akihabara…

Although Shinbo-san did this series as the director, it doesn’t have those gaudy, acid-trippy backgrounds that made him famous. Other than Chiaki doing Arashiyama, Aoi Yuuki playing Toshiko Tatsuno is so awesome that she’s excels in “Maid Arts” other than donning a maid costume. Yet Fortune Cafe sucks for not having tea! Boo…

BTW, this old lady is voiced by none other than Takahiro Sakurai. WHAT!!!

Anyway, this series is decent… But I’m kinda disappoint for not having the “Shinbo visuals”.

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