Yosuga no Sora Episode #02

And I thought they will have sex! Guess not…

Off-Topic: I’m dropping to 6 shows that I will cover on this blog!

Today’s episode is all about genki-girl Akira! Aside from being a miko, she’s a friend to Kazuha and… she lives by herself. Sad to be alone, isn’t it? But at least she has Yahiro-san as company!

Meanwhile, Sora is still… bored to heck! Dammit, they should have sex.

And then she started attending school with her onii-chan!

Finally, how about “make cleaning more fun” when Akira has the hose to splash around! And then she accidentally made Kazuha-chan wet… Well, time to change clothes.

BTW, are they doing “yuri”? Guess not! But still, they’re doing some skinship. And that’s when I learned (including Haruka) that they were sister. No wonder they were so close!

Anyways, another Nogisaka fanservice before we wait for another episode! Oh, and it’s amusing that she took a glimpse of Haruka’s weewee!

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