Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Episode #03

Oh noes, is that shopkeeper guy again! Which means that it’s another big tournament with big prizes!

And it’s not guns this time from Season 1, it will be a sumo match… American sumo, even!

Likewise, Tomoki as “Mask Dupants” is aiming for money and naked girls! And isn’t is illegal to grope breasts on a mixed wrestling American sumo match? Nope.

Take note that it’s a single elimination match, so players like Ikaros and Mikako (ouch, her headcrusher…) are participating on this tournament!

And what’s this, isn’t that Astraea over there? I guess she’s participating in order to eliminate Tomoki! But I guess she went overboard (take note that it’s a tag-team match) and Ikaros started firing lasers all over the ring. Which means…

Nymph and Tomoki are the only one left! I But I know who will win… right, Tomo-chan.

And now, the final match between Tomoki and Mikako… in a electric cage match! And it looks like Mikako will win it easy with her 400-kilo head grip. Well, not a chance for Tomoki!

Hey, isn’t that Sorami as the ref? I guess she can’t take it anymore and backbreak Tomo-chan, to the point that he’s almost “have no regrets and turned to white ash!” But at least Tomo-chan is the winner via default, right?

Wrong, the shopkeeper will just use his guns to win. Boo, it’s just a staged fight… right, Mikako? Oh, and remember, never participate in a tournament that is staged and unfair!

Although there is some “plot” on Synapse’s secrets earlier before the start of this tournament, we’ll have to wait for its advancement next episode.

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