MM! Episode #03

This is Yumi Mamiya, Yuuno’s lesbian best friend who likes to do skinship groping massaging girls that are cute!

And she’s here to bring Yuuno back and transfer to an all-girls school. That’s not good for the 2nd Volunteer Club!

BTW, Mio-chan moaning when being massaged by Yumi is so cute, that Rie Tanaka Michiru-sensei wants to take a picture of it!

Speaking of massage, looks like Yuuno encounted Yoshioka again with Hayama-kun as the witness. Man, that bastard not only punched her, but spread rumors of being a slut which made Yuuno cower in fear! Even now, she has the scars of the past…

But hey, there’s Tarou-kun to do some payback… against Yoshioka-sempai! And then, he got pwned by that bastard.

Although he’s not good against Yoshioka and his boxing skills, Tarou-kun can be useful as a meatshield against men! (except for girls like Mio and Yuuno)

And then, he scored he scored a headbutt and a punch for good measure… You may thank Mio-chan for lending Tarou-kun a hand! Oh, and you think it was enough?

How about Yumi-chan doing some humiliation for best results, followed by a blackmail photo by Michiru-sensei!

Now with the payback is complete, looks like Yuuno is happy now that Yoshioka has finally learned a lesson! And I wish the Otogi Bank will do that to BAAAAD Hitsujikai!!!

Oh, and what about Yumi-chan… she transferred school so she could be close with Yuuno with more groping massaging! And BTW, she hates Tarou-kun for being so close to her best friend.

Anyways, revenge is over and on to the next episode!

And for bonus: Nurse Mio and Chef Mio!

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