Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #03

Aww, Kirino is living her dream as a model, except for her otaku hobby!

Oh, and seeing her face when mentioning little sisters is so moe~!

While Kirino is hanging out with her otaku friends, Kyosuke is accompanying his classmate Manami Tamura at the park!

Oh Miss Normal, you sure want to charm Kyou-chan huh? Well at least Kirino’s secret is kept hidden…

Maybe not as Kirino accidentally bumped into Dad, revealing her copy of “Let’s make love with little sister!” hidden inside her Stardust Witch Meruru DVD case.

And look, he’s freaking mad about it that Kirino-chan ran away!

Dammit Mr. Kousaka, at least give her the chance to watch anime and play eroge in peace! At least Kyousuke is suporting his little sister…

How about trying to convince Kyousuke’s dad, man up if necessary, and do by any means to keep Kirino’s anime stash! Except for eroge, which is a problem…

But hey, he’ll do anything to keep it all the eroges… by loving it just like he loves his sister!

And look, Mr. Kousaka is so pissed right now that he punched his own son. But hey, at least all the anime and eroge stash won’t be thrown away!

Anyways, with Kirino’s stash are well-kept, looks like this series will begin a new chapter to their lives.

Then again, this OreImo anime can’t be this mediocre. It’s the opposite even!

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