The World God Only Knows Episode #03

Alright, it’s time for the continuation of Keima’s conquest to “rich kid” Mio. (Who is not rich at all, but acts one…)

And now that he knows Mio’s secret, he’ll do anything to see the ending!

From becoming a chauffeur to Mio… And while you’re at it, Elsee is making sure that Keima’s bike can become a coach fit for a rich girl. From a Zaku head, to a MUTHAFUCKIN’ STEAM TRAIN!!! (Sorry for the caps…)

Heck, if Keima’s limit is reached, he could need some whipping from Mio-sama!

To inviting to a party for the rich and famous. Let’s just say Keima can heal Mio’s emotional wounds (related to her father, BTW) because he knows her situation, just like playing a dating sim!

Anyway, that how he “conquered” a “Tsunderella”! But why “Tsunderella”? Here’s why…

Speaking of Tsunderella, she still has it… even without money nor her memories! Still, she’s now happy and cheerful, all thanks to Keima and Elsee.

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