Amagami SS Episode #16

And now, the final episode to Nanasaki’s story arc!

Oh, and there is a Real Grade Gundam at Kibitou High School… Wow, they sure have the money to build a Gundam.

Let’s start with a challenge from the Tea Ceremony Club. Still, the Girls’ Swimming Club (Junichi and Ai-chan) managed to get an approval from the club president! Way to go…

What’s this? A drunken Takahashi-sensei! Must be Rihocchi giving her “amazake”… We’ll deal with Rihoko’s arc next week!

With the oden stand is now the hands of Tsukuhara-sempai and her club members, looks like Junichi and Ai-chan are now alone at last!

And while Miya-chan is spending the night at Sae’s house, both of them spend their time at…

A personal hot spring owned by Ai-chan’s grandpa?! Isn’t it awesome… And top of that, their only covering is the usual towel.

Oh, and that’s the place where they confessed to each other, hugged while in the nude, kissed and… You’ll know the rest!

With that, Ai-chan’s story arc is considered the best arc in Amagami has to offer! Too bad Ai-chan’s brother is unseen throughout the arc. So, till next arc!

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  1. Psycho says:

    After few weeks, there will appear doujin that takes story what happen after kiss in onsen scene.

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